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Architects In Wayanad

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Visit us at Kappen Group to have a building incorporating all the aspects at Wayanad!

Kappen Group is one of the award- winning destinations to have professional architects in the god’s own country. We are a team of dedicated architects, engineers, graphics artists, and planners who strive too hard to offer the best-designed architecture. It may be residential, commercial, and institutional projects. We can plan and have the best out of it. Since inception, we strive to turn the dwelling place into a dreamy space that will leave an everlasting impression on any gaze that falls on them. We work by blending the unique collaboration techniques with innovative ideas to build the architectural wonders with supreme standards withstanding the test of time.

We stand at heights with accolades and recognition that further established the innovation and technical aspects. We also reinterpret regional architectural roots and consistently employ passive design solutions for the unique contextual language. We work with several projects in several places to produce the best architecture as per the needs of our clients.

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Buildings we are experienced with


We can design a multi-story apartment with parks, swimming pools, gardens, etc. We have industry experts to design the apartment based on the needs to admire the nature of Wayanad.


It can be a single home or colonies. We can work with a proper ground plan. Incorporating the basic and sophisticated needs, we can produce the home to share the love and live peacefully.


Apart from being the place for tourism, Wayanad also invites the students. Here, the students can have a peaceful and nature-loving environment to easily learn things. Regardless of school or college, we can assure you to build the institution with the best infrastructure.

Religious buildings

As we know, India is the well-known place for religious lovers, and it is the habited for people following different religions. With intense care to all the faith and religion to the good and goddess of all religions, we work to build the religious building.


Wayanad is also the place where you can find lots of industries that deal with different sectors. We also have an experienced team of professionals who can deal with all the factors to bring out the best industry.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings are important for a place and it is a mark of economic development. It includes all types of establishments like office, shops, retails, development and investment property. Kappen group is highly specialized in designing commercial buildings and you can trust us in designing according to your preferences.


Not only the land welcomes the people, but the hospitality sector also invites people with the best and tasty food items. There are several food items well-known for Kerala, and tourists like to taste it. Being so profitable one, we work for welcoming space for it.


With the massive population in the destination, the retail industry is always profitable in Wayanad. So, having a retail building is beneficial here, and we will make it more beneficial with our strategies.


About us

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Our architectural work at Wayanad

One of the must-mention places in God's own country is Wayanad. It incorporates green highlands, lush valleys, and cool climes welcoming people from all over the world. The district is spread over an area of over 2000 sq km, and altitude ranging from 700 to 2100 m above the sea level. Apart from the breathing natural beauty, the district is also famous for the flora and fauna vegetation along with the writing of the New Stone Age at its Edakkal caves.

Being such a beautiful landscape, lots of people are willing to build a home to live in, a guest house to spend vacation or weekend, and a hotel for tourists, and several others. If you have the same ideas, we welcome it! With our leading experts, we are here to design and construct fulfilling the unique needs. We take into account the entire special factors along with the needs of the clients. We built it to have the right ventilation, sightseeing, safety factors, etc.

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Our team

We can never ignore or forget to say the efficiency of our employees. We have a team of professionalsarchitects in Wayanad, who can focus on the work to produce the expected output. Our team incorporates both the experience and young dynamic professionals to achieve the best results. We work with the technically dominating tools and other technical factors from designing to testing several units of the building. All of them are friendly and professional to discuss the needs and educate the clients with technical things that they might not be aware of.

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How do we work?

We stick with our protocol to bring out the building that will satisfy the clients and achieve its purposes. The workflow includes,

Discuss with the client

We initially spend enough time to discuss with the clients to know the building they want to build and all other expectations over the building.

Work with the ground plan

We design the overall building with technically advanced tools. The 3D model will allow the clients to know how the building would appear after the completion. It will help with fulfilling and avoid errors.

Start the construction

When you set on the track with clear intention, we start with the physical activities regarding the building process.

Testing and handing over the key

When all the work is over, we test for the safety aspects like fire, electric lines, water tap, plumbing, etc. After the completion of all the work with the interior and exterior decorations, we handover the key to the client.

Periodic reports

We produce periodic reports on the regular activities for making the client updated with the construction work.

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Join hands with us to have the best architecture!

After knowing all aspects of the architecture in Wayanad, you may not delay having the best and suitable architects in Wayanad. You can always approach us, and we are here to work for you from producing the best buildings. Get in touch with us to have other discussions on establishing the new building that is in your dream now.