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Architects In Kannur

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Kappen Group is one of the best architecture firms in Kannur that can provide comprehensive architectural exterior and interior design services for both commercial and residential properties. We are specialized to produce Victorian, Mughal, Colonial, and Traditional and Contemporary concepts of luxury and modern style of buildings. A well-established team of architects, interior designers, and civil engineers are serving as the best outcome of the buildings and achieve flawless services. With proper guidance by request and routines, property and transform into the perfect and customized living space. Furthermore, our designs are guided by the needs, wished, and expert interpretation to have the most suitable lifestyle.

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Our flow of the process

A proper strategy is the key to achieve heights and we strongly believe in it.
We have now achieved heights as a leading architect Kannurfollowing this process plan.

Meet and agree

We welcome you to the office where we shall discuss the design, details, colors, cost, and several other factors. We are happy to listen to the vision and serve with all possible ways to transform it into reality.

Build and install

As we proceed, we understand the real building, interior design, and architecture for developing a beautiful space. Our goals are driven to have the objective and have 100% percent customer satisfaction.

Create the design

our professionals and the designers are here to offer the best designs for any type of buildings like temporary, minimalist, eco-friendly, traditional, etc. We work to preserve the style and completion with what you except for. Rest assured that it will be a design that will impress and stand out in the crowd without affecting the utility cost and several other aspects. Here, we are one of the experts to build aesthetic and budget-friendly buildings.

Developing the idea and concept

We don’t work for building the place, but we have adopted the strategies to establish what you dream. We see things through your eyes and work for it. Here, we work as a team with our experts in the industry to fortify the foundation for the building and add flair to the already established areas.


About us

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Kannur: The best destination to have your building

In God’s own country, Kannur is considered as the crown for this paradise. When you enter into the Malabar city on the Malabar Coast, you will be greeted with the breathtaking scent refreshing and the sight of nature, historic forts, ageless folk’s arts, and several mesmerizing factors. It is the place where you will be able to enjoy the time amidst nature and get a chance to learn the rich history at forts, museums, and old shrines. You will also be able to taste the world-famous spices and lots more to do here in the destination. As there is so much to explore, Kannur is serving as the best tourist destination in Kerala. Every place here will reflect the essence of the city, and it will leave you mesmerized and make you collect tons of memories.

When a place is serving as an attraction, people start visiting here for different reasons. It may be for studies, sightseeing, business, trade, etc. So, you can choose to build a residential, commercial, or retail building or enjoy the natural beauty or earn in the destination.

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Architects in Kannur

Designing stunning residential or commercial spaces will be stressful and overwhelming for anyone. We at Kappen Group are a specialized team to deliver the most beautifully crafted living space that will reflect the tastes and lifestyles of our clients without any compromises. You may not need to deal with long hours spent combing the shop floor and not fuss over parking when you approach us for the needs. All that you need to do is sourcing from us like the ability to have the custom made designed results or even budget-friendly work. Further, our interior design service is the most excellent vehicle for achieving the decorating goals regarding the building.

Our professional interior designers and best architects in Kannur work to create the dreamy space in reality. We are always available via phone for any queries for the architectures. So, we can work to create the fresh, revealing, and unpretentious style of building. Further, we are specialized in combining the traditional pieces with current elements, so we create an environment that is lustrous, and it will invite the splash of electricity as well. With a focus on quality and value, we take pride to work on the extraordinary customer service with the personalized approach for all our clients.

It is all based on your desire to have the comfortable elegance, luxury, or active vitality of summer gateway, our team is ready to deliver the needful. You can find our commitment to integrity and professionalism as the foundation for all the outcome and we also embrace the fact that we go through the uncertainties and questions during the design and search. We can assure you that we will work to make your home brand by implementing all possible techniques. All the designs will be new and suitable for the individual needs based on the nature of the building. Kannur never fails with the aesthetic beauty, and our work with the cutting-edge tools will allow us to have an extra degree with a minor in the construction and management area.

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Things we do

  • Architecture design
  • False ceiling
  • Building construction
  • Dining room design
  • Floor plan
  • Home staging
  • Interior designing
  • Living room design
  • Custom blinds and shades
  • Art selection
  • Color consulting
  • Bedroom design
  • Gardening
  • Landscape and gardening
  • Swimming pool design
  • Office interior furnishing
  • Texture painting
  • Showroom interior designing
  • Renovation work
  • Flat or apartment interiors
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Different buildings we construct

  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
Time to visit us!

With the expert team, our doors are always open, and it welcomes you to visit us, the best architect in Kannur. So, without any delays, you can immediately contact us through the mail, call, or message for further discussion over the architectural needs.