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Architects In Calicut

About Us

Kappen Group is a Calicut based Architecture and interior design firm. Our wide experience spans major institutional and corporate projects, residential building, health, heritage, hotels, and conservation works. Every creation aims to integrate timeless aesthetics with intricate and functional design. We strive to ensure a signature design that enhances the organic value of the space. With our unique craftsmanship, we deliver the project with a sheer endeavor. Kappen Group values the client’s idea and time; thus, come up with a quality solution that speaks for the ambiance.

We stand at heights with accolades and recognition that further established the innovation and technical aspects. We also reinterpret regional architectural roots and consistently employ passive design solutions for the unique contextual language. We work with several projects in several places to produce the best architecture as per the needs of our clients.

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We believe in catering:

Buildings we are experienced with


We focus on building sustainable development and committed to creating a masterpiece with unique touches.

Affordable price range

We are flexible to adapt to the customer’s choice of budget. We target to maintain our commitment to excellence for all projects with the budget limit.

Unique design

With the regional specification of heritage and culture, we attempt to highlight the quintessential qualities of a place. Our design and buildings celebrate the exuberance of the space.

Suitable ambiance

With a hint of a contemporary touch, we strive to heighten the aura of the ambiance.

Quality service

With the recognition of the best architectural brand in Architect Calicut, we aim to deliver quality service and committed excellence.


Our works

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We are experts at commercial building, residential building, housing, parks, educational builds, and so on. With a team of dedicated architects, we have been successfully worked for various organizations. Additionally, we come up with happy clients every time. With a consistent track of excellent outcomes, we take pride in our services and our professional employees. Our professional experience ensures to serve quality input every time we take up any project.

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Why Calicut?

It is a hub of great innovation in architecture and is considered as a role model of Kerala for its heritage buildings. Calicut is endowed with the lush green countryside, rivers, hills, serene beaches, and historic sites. For its zeal and antique remembrance, the city enchants both the inhabitants and guests. It is a wonderful destination for its rich cultural significance.

Since the middle ages, Calicut is a great trading center for spices. Since then, with the invasion of East India Company, foreign traders renovated the port city with classical architects. It is still relevant in the 21st century as a great inspiration for modern architects. Because of the enigmatic past and regional demands, architecture is still a lucrative industry in Calicut. The present architectural style has evolved from the peculiar climate and long historical influence of its significant maritime trading partners like Europeans, Arabs, and Chinese. Over the years, the architectural pattern has reached a sublime position. Clients across the country prefer to get a service from an industry that covers both the science of ‘Vastu’ and deliver a modern outlook. Kappen Group aims to maintain the quality we have acquired, and enhance the spirit of place with a contemporary approach.

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Why should you choose us over others?

We pursue to create the project exceptionally great and innovative. With a team of enthusiastic employees, we build a design that is out of the box and complement client’s ideas. The best part of Kappen Group is to understand the client’s perception and enhance their potential thoughts. We believe in uniqueness and put our best effort to deliver the project within the timeframe and budget. With utter dedication, our architects understand the local condition and deliver a relevant design.

Communication plays a major role in all successful projects. We are committed to building good communication to understand what the client needs. Our architectural patterns focus on the aesthetic beauty and heighten the charm of the building. We utilize the space craftily to create a magnificent outlook of the project. Moreover, we are a reliable brand to provide service for both the public and private sectors.


Our prime objective is to provide a creative design that suits the space and ambiance of the building. We make sure to hire skillful and experienced employees to execute creative ideas.


We strive to deliver innovative ideas for our clients. With specialized design and process, our team focuses to accomplish their task with a contemporary approach.


We believe in customer satisfaction and never negotiate with the deadline. We build smooth communication with our clients and provide them real-time updates regarding project details.


We are a trusted organization to provide exceptional level of quality. We facilitate our clients to achieve long-time and short-time strategic goals.